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gamabhana widget/gadget

With a simple javascript API – you can enable phonetic, inscript and google input on your blog, personal website, community website, portal. This service had been in beta till 2014. We have opened a service for public starting 2015 and we encourage you to integrate it.

How does it work:

  • You add a simple script tag on your page(s) – thats it no more coding.
  • When users visit your page – script tag will load a gamabhana widget on your page.
  • User select appropriate keyboard and gamabhana gadget will load and make inputs phonetic.

How to integrate:

We offer four modes for integration. We support four keyboards and 8 Indic Languages/scripts.  Simply add below script tag with parameters that match your requirement and you are live!

<script src="" ></script>


Paramter : mode

This parameter decides which elements to be made phonetic. Its values and details are provided below.

  1. all – Gadget will make all editable components phonetic with a selected keyboard
  2. selective – Gadget will make only those editable components phonetic which have css class ” ” associated
  3. exclusive – Gadget will make all editable components phonetic except those which have css class ” ” associated
  4. custom – You specify your custom css classes that should be made phonetic and gadget will make them phonetic
    • With mode specified as custom additional parameter should be provided with a comma separated class names.


Parameter : l

This parameter enables selection of predefined language. Below is the list of mappings for supported languages.

  • 0 : Marathi/Hindi/Sanskrit
  • 1 : Gujarati
  • Please contact for setting up other languages.


gamabhana widget inherently supports four keyboar layouts/maps – gamabhana, fontfreedom, inscript and google input. Any Addition in the future will be implicitly incorporated and is not part of API parameters.

See working examples, customization with sample codes here

Who else is using it:


Not a techie? No worries – we can help you integrate:

Reach us with your queries and we will have a session to help you integrate is better and quicker.

Is it free / freemium /premium:

Public API is free at the present. That means – it will display the branding of gamabhana. Based on the integration volume service can be offered as freemium where gamabhana widget will have a co-branding with its associated partners and affiliates.

A premium service can be offered – where a dedicated integration would be done with all default branding removed and tailored to the customer needs. Contact our sales for payment terms and quotes.