gamabhana fontfreedom Desktop Edition

gamabhana fontfreedom engine is a windows based IME that enables users to generate their content in Unicode format in multiple Indic languages with the help phonetic keyboard mappings.


  • Unicode Support
  • Single setupfor all flavors of windows
  • Ships with gamabhana, fontfreedom and inscript keyboard
  • Multilingual Support
    • Devanagari
      • Marathi
      • Hindi
      • Sanskrit
    • Gujarati
    • Bangla/Oriya
    • Tamil
    • Malayalam
    • Kannada
    • Punjabi (Gurumukhi)
  • Possibility to add keyboards (future additions by gamabhana and partners)
  • Multiple keyboard support
  • Upgradable

Minimum System requirements:

  • Supported platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (with Unicode support for Indic scripts)
  • CPU – Intel Pentium III min.
  • Disk space: 5 MB min.


gamabhana screens

gamabhana screens


Known issues:

  • Application is known to have time/key sequence issues while using with chrome.

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