24 Jan

gamabhana fontfreedom

The most economical yet powerful software for content composition and typing in Indian Languages with Unicode support! With gamabhana fontfreedom 2017 edition you can now compose contents with phonetic keyboard and in multiple languages in any of your favorite Windows based application that supports Unicode as well as legacy Millennium fonts.

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It is the first and Only Software available in the very affordable Cost Range to respond to the need of installing and using on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. All other developers have come out with new versions to take advantage of the situation, while we provide the same software, at the same price but with enhanced features with single installation.

You can achieve many of offline tasks with this engine like

  • Compose Mails, compose blog posts, compose articles on content sites, tweets, posts, updates, comments on social networking and any other website
  • Content composition, spreadsheets, presentations in MS office and Libre office
  • Make your own Stationary like Greeting Cards, Invitations, letters
  • Keep Personal & Official Notes in your own language
  • And many more applications.